MydlMan Audit & KYC
Cryptocurrency is an ever changing ecosystem, new faults and exploits are being found everyday in Smart Contracts. We will be hiring a team to conduct full scale audits of our clients to find weaknesses, exploits or just downright scams. To ensure that our Audits are accurate and effective, we will do a deep scan of the Smart Contract, Holder Wallets, Liquidity Holdings, Vesting Locks, Liquidity Locks, Trade Analysis, Developer Q&A, Social Media, Visibility and Chat Rooms these tokens operate from. All Audits will involve a KYC of the entire published development team.
Our audits will be scored on a 1-10 (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest). These audits will be posted in the up-and-coming section on our website and will receive a verified checkmark on our MydlSwap.
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